Old School MukerMy name is Barbara and my husband is called Jon. In our previous lives I was a maths teacher and my husband a Graphic Design Artist. 

We have 7 children between us and two step children. Just this year the last of our children (finally) fled the nest  with some living abroad, however we are a close knit family who work hard to maintain regular contact with each other. We also have three dogs, a short haired Border Collie called Ruby, a Blue Merle called Mr Bojangles and a French Bulldog called Mogwai.

I suppose the ’empty nest syndrome’ made us stand back  and think about what we really wanted out of life. We decided we wanted to work with each other and for ourselves. A series of unrelated events and coincidences resulted in us discovering The Old School in Muker.  We viewed the business in the first week of January 2015, on a cold, wet, wintery day.  We  immediately fell in love with the building, the business and the area.

So what now…..

Well Jon wants to do more photography and is very inspired by the scenery in the area. We also want to open a small cafe which we will be working towards opening from Easter in 2016. We have been in touch with some very  talented artists which will result in  some exciting changes that we will be making throughout the year – stay tuned!

This  is a big change in both of our life’s and our families and we hope you will come and see us soon. We both feel very strongly that once you have had a taste of Swaledale  it will take a small piece of your heart that will keep pulling you back.

Babs and Jon