Sigma Quattro DP2 Comparison – Part 3 – Pay & Display

Please read the comparison postscript:

A comparison below of the Merrill DP1, Quattro DP2 and Merrill DP3, in that order. The DP1 shot was taken 6 months ago. The others today.

The DP1 shot (below)  was one that amazed me when I first compared it to the Sony RX1. I’m still in Awe!

Sigma Merrill DP1
Sigma Merrill DP1|

The Sigma Quattro DP2, looks pretty special. If I’d not got used to the quality of the Merrill’s I’d be hugely impressed. Check out the reflection in the window above the car.

Sigma Quattro DP2
Sigma Quattro DP2 |

The Sigma Merrill DP3 shot is simply stunning. Check out the detail of the “no parking of HGVs sign”.

Sigma Merrill DP3
Sigma Merrill DP3 |

In the short time I’ve used the Quattro it’s definitely a better all round camera than the Merrill’s. Easier to hold; duel dials for speed and aperture, faster in operation  … however I’m sure that there’s many cameras out there that better it at the price point if these are the things that count.

I bought the Quattro for ultimately image quality and the Foveon look. On this basis is it better that the Merrill’s that proceeded it? I’ll let you decide.

Please read the comparison postscript:


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