Artsmix Market, Leeds (or a week with the Epson R3000)

_DSC0135 Last week has been full on printing, mounting and wrapping prints, for the Artsmix ( market in Leeds, next weekend. This is a frightening first for me! No more hiding behind the internet; instead, out their, exposed, before the great, paying, Yorkshire public. Selecting images was difficult; standard print sizes ruled out favourite square format & panoramics; old favourites bit the dust; local work took precedence over shots from further afield; attempting to build a diverse, interesting range; … and how the heck do you price them? The true test will come not through likes, favourites and comments, but through the kerching of the cash till. If I make enough for a pint of beer by the end of day I’ll be happy. _DSC0145 _DSC0146 _DSC0143 _DSC0142 _DSC0141 _DSC0138 _DSC0137

Printing Notes

All prints were produced using an Epson R3000 A3+ printer, using Epson pigment inks & Epson premium gloss and semi-gloss paper. After struggling with an HP A3+ printer, and using external labs, the Epson R3000 has been a revelation. The right colours, tones and exposure, just pop straight out of the printheads onto the paper with little adjustment and no real calibration. Fantastic! The R3000 has now been replaced by the SC-P600, but that would have to be a hell of a printer to justify an upgrade.

2 thoughts on “Artsmix Market, Leeds (or a week with the Epson R3000)

  1. Could you talk about the print settings you use to print to the R3000? Do you use a custom profile, an Epson canned profile, or “printer manages colours” ? There’s been some discussion about this recently on theonlinephotographer and luminous-landscape.

  2. Hi Mr Shaughnessya. The think I like so much about the R3000 is that is seemed to work out of the box, and the colours I see on the screen are just reproduced using “printer manages colours”. So for a lazy lump like me it’s great not having to explore profiles.

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