Rubbish Waterfall @ The Leeds RERF

Well not quite a rubbish waterfall, more litter-ally (get it?) a rubbish fall!

Leeds RERF | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

After spending the past year or more following the construction of the Leeds Refuse Recycle & Energy Recover Facility (RERF for short) from the outside, I was invited inside by the French architects, S’PACE, to take some shots of its inner workings.

Leeds RERF | Sigma Merrill DP1 |

Whilst the rubbish fall might not be as picturesque as a Dales waterfall, the plant itself is a hugely impressive building, incinerating the citizens of Leeds’s waste and transforming it into electricity for 20,000 homes, but more to the point a perfect place to point a Sigma Merrill or Quattro camera.

Leeds RERF | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

Whilst I’m starting to prefer the Quattro DP0 for landscape work the Merrill’s eye for detail, and tonal range, is in its element for industrial subjects.

Leeds RERF | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

I know the majority of you would prefer to point your camera at beach sunsets, cute seaside villages, and rolling hills and dales, but I could have spent a week roaming around the RERF looking for angles and  perspectives; industrial subjects are cool too, and different test of your compositional skills.

Leeds RERF | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

In February I go back to complete the job, and with the facility opening in March, it will probably be the end of my association with this fascinating building, and I can head back to mountains.

Leeds RERF | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

I’ll post a final set of images of the RERF then, I bet you can’t wait!

Shooting Notes

All shots taken using the Sigma DP1 Merrill at ISO100 using a tripod. Post processed in SPP and Lightroom.

2 thoughts on “Rubbish Waterfall @ The Leeds RERF

  1. Richard thats a mighty set of images. Interesting for me in that I get places like this, but not able to take my dp1m or 2m for that matter. The Merrill’s suit themselves to Industrial Client Photography. I sold the DP3M as it had least use, almost got my money back on it. Then I see the detail in your images and that lust for IQ Texture and Detail comes flooding back. I vowed never to sell the DP2M. What iso setting did you use and are these hand held?

  2. Hi, all are ISO100 and on a tripod, most exposures were around a second. I’ll keep the Merrills until they give on me; they’re such a unique camera. I love my DP3M, it allows me to stitch shots together to create medium format quality images. Happy shooting 🙂

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