Arctic Dawn, Lofoten Post 2

It’s our third and final day on board the MS Lofoten as we sail from Bergen to Bodo.

At 7am on Monday 22nd February, 2016 we crossed the 66th Parallel,  entered the Arctic Circle, and woke to the perfect Arctic Dawn. Right on queue, the Norwegian coastline became more mountainous, more rugged and if possible, more beautiful.

Norway | Sigma SP1 Merrill |
Norway | Sigma SP1 Merrill |
Norway | Sigma SP1 Merrill |
Norway | Sigma SP1 Merrill |
Norway | Sigma SP1 Merrill |

Shooting Notes

All shots were taken with the Sigma SP1 Merrill attached to a Sigma 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3. ISO’s ranged from 100 -400. All are hand held (a tripod doesn’t work on a ship) and all have been lightly post processed in SPP & Lightroom.

Without a tripod the biggest challenge taking the shots was avoiding camera shake; how to shoot at low ISO’s to keep the noise to a minimum, on board a vibrating, swaying ship, in the dim dawn light, with a long lens? And of course ISO400 is really pushing the Foveon sensor!

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