Shoreline – Lofoten Post 9

Six days wasn’t enough to visit a third of Loften’s beaches. Vik and Haukland we saw through the car window as we passed by on our way to Uttakliev. We planned to return but ran out of days.  Storsandnes, Eggum and Unstad, were on our list but we never got close. We put on snow spikes and hiked over the pass to find Kvalvika, only to find ourselves on the wrong path and overlooking Yttersand! (but we did have a frozen tarn all to ourselves). Our walk to the cliffs at A was obscured by rain, sleet and mist.  All the more reason to return the islands and continue our exploration 🙂

Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten | Sigma DPo Quattro |
Reine, Lofoten | Sigma SD1 Merrill & 18-300mm |
Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten | Sigma DP1 Merrill |
Ramburg Beach, Lofoten | Sigma DP3 Merrill |
Uttakleiv Beach at dusk, Lofoten | Sigma DPo Quattro |
Reine, Lofoten | Sigma DP3 Merrill |
Ballstad, Lofoten | Sigma SD1 Merrill & 18-300mm Lens |
Yttersand Beach, Lofoten | Sigma DPo Quattro |
Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten | Sigma DP1 Merrill |
Ramberg Beach, Lofoten | Sigma DP1 Merrill |

Shooting Notes 

All taken with Sigma, foveon, cameras, at low ISOs, post processed in SPP and Lightroom.

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