Lofoten Postscript 2 – Lofoten Collection

Well it’s taken seven weeks, but I’ve finally got my act together and created a collection of favourite images from our February trip to Lofoten. I can finally cross that one of the list!

Click on the image of Olstind below to view the collection.

Olstind, Lofoten | Sigma DP3 Merrill



4 thoughts on “Lofoten Postscript 2 – Lofoten Collection

  1. I dived into Merrill Foveon one year ago after being very impressed by your Merrill images and comparisons with the Quattro. Your RX1r2 images don’t have this “mojo”, all your Merrill images have – i would call it kind of “dry” look, which I started to enjoy. I am happy with my DP2M 😉 and hope to see you coming back to Foveon – hey, that 18-300mm images look gorgeous!

  2. Hey Christoph. The Sigma’s definitely have a different looks which I still like, but recently I’ve wanted to print big, and the Sony has the sensor to do this. I can’t wait for the H to be released! Richard

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