After Dark in London with the Sony Rx1rii

Last night I got a chance to try out the Sony RX1rII after dark. I had a hour or so max to scurry around with a tripod so apologies for the lack of creativity. Though the shots lack some artistry, in terms of the performance of the camera I’m impressed. Clean as a whistle and with a tremendous amount of flexibility in the raw files to pull out shadows.

Walkie Talkie, London | Sony RX1rii |
Tower Bridge, London | Sony RX1rii |
Lloyds Building, London | Sony rx1rii |
The Shard, London | Sony rx1rii |
Tower Bridge, London | Sony rx1rii |
Cheese Crater, London | Sony rx1rii |
HMS Belfast, London | Sony rx1rii |

Shooting Notes

All shots on a tripod @ iso100, a variety of exposures / apertures, post processed to taste in Lightroom




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