Autumn in Nidderdale 2

Sunday’s journey to Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales proved to be rich pickings on the photography front with the second Autumn panoramic view, this time of Skrikes Wood.

Skrikes Wood, Nidderdale | Sony RX1rII

In the past I’ve struggled with woodland scenes, which is slightly annoying given that they’re perhaps my favourite landscape, but on this occasion, concentrating on the hillock covered in the red Autumn fall and the composition of the tree trunks (rather than trying fit everything in) I came away reasonably content that I’d captured the feeling I had when I first looked through the opening in the dry stone wall. Printed big I think it could prove quite effective.

Shooting Notes 

3 stitched images taken with the Sony RX1rII at f22 for big depth of field, at iso100, on a tripod, post processed in Lightroom and Elements.



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