Muker Show 2018

Yesterday was the 113th Grand Annual Show, held on the most perfect September day. The show retains its roots and traditions, and the competitions, whether baking the tastiest chocolate cake or scone, drawing or painting the perfect landscape, herding truculent sheep, or attempting to run the fell race, are all of a high standard and accompanied by good humour. Perhaps best of all, the show is a place where old friends meet and catch up, whether at the show or after in the Farmers Arms.

The show is yet another great reason to visit our village.  More information on the show can be found here ( but for now a few snaps to remind us of the day.

The Muker Silver Band, Muker Show 2018
Organisers and Judges, Muker Show 2018
The Muker Silver Band, Muker Show 2018
Last Minute Prepartions, Muker Show 2018
Judging Begins, Muker Show 2018
Space to Relax, Muker Show 2018
The Muker Silver Band, Muker Show 2018
Clive & Amanda Owen et al, Muker Show 2018
Discussing the finer points, Muker Show 2018
All set within glorious Upper-Swaledale, Muker Show 2018
Community Singing outside The Farmers, Muker Show 2018









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