Impossible Double Done, £460 raised

And so it proved, The Impossible Double of winning both the Muker Fell Race and The Great North run was, in fact, impossible.

With victory in the Muker Fell race denied by the cruel fate of injury, the eyes of the sporting world turned to the GNR. Though Mo Farah claimed victory on the day a basic fact check shows the claim to be a sham. The charlaton Farah’s race number was 1 and he finished in position 1, which means that he overtook no one, not a single sole; a very poor show for someone lauded by the press as a reasonable club runner. In contrast, with a start number of 51073 and finishing 22136 places behind Mo, I overtook a massive total of 28747 people, surely a record number for the GNR. 28647 v 0 is a crushing victory by anyone’s reckoning.

Sadly the eyes of the sporting world have now turned to lesser challenges, and our fickle press are unlikely to admit their mistake and declare the charlatan Farah a fraud.

However all is not lost as thanks to the generosity of folk £460 was raised for Parkinson’s UK. Many many thanks for those who gave up their hard earned cash …

… and training for victory in next year’s Spine Race is now underway. Watch this space!