Autumn Arrivals, Alistair Brookes

Miners, farmers, tups, ewes, lambs and cockerels, and even Hannah Hauxwell, have arrived at our gallery in Muker, all lovingly created by the hand of Alistair Brookes in his trademark style … and watching them arrive were two guys having a pint, and four men sitting high up on a girder.

If you’re interested in Alistair’s work why not come and visit us in Upper Swaledale to see it first hand? … and if you can’t make it please don’t hesitate to contact us at the gallery.

Relton Marine’s Yorkshire Dales, at The Old School Muker

Ever since we were alerted to the work of Otley based artists Christine Relton & Tom Marine we’ve been on a mission to bring their wonderful Yorkshire Dales landscapes to our gallery in Muker.

Langstrothdale, Relton Marine | 76cm x 76 cm | £2,500

Christine & Tom work together to produce each painting, combining their love and knowledge of colour, texture, composition and, not least, the Yorkshire Dales, to represent the wonderful landscapes of the Upper Dales in a style that’s very much their own, and that captures the mood and essence of the place.

Pen Y Ghent, Relton Marine | 122cm x 91 cm| £3,850
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Piers Browne, Titania & Bottom Lightbox

The Titania & Bottom Lightbox combines Piers Browne’s love of theatre, poetry, Shakespeare and Wensleydale, into a single etching.

… And when the light dims this backlit etching takes on a new guise.

Etched in 1984 the main unlit edition was of 75, and the boxed (lit) edition was of 10, however only 3-4 copies were printed, and the plates have long since been lost. This is therefore an extremely rare Piers Browne print.

The print is presented as tryptic, representing the wings and main stage of a theatre and the play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream,  is set on one of Wensleydale’s most iconic landmarks, Lady Hill. The players, a group of punks, were recruited when Pier’s met them in Richmond. 

Notes from Piers …

The scene is set on Lady Hill’s drumlin mound among the few remaining Scots pines there planted to commemorate Q Victoria’s golden Jubilee I think in 1896.

First performed in 1605, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’s DREAM has never been more than a Shakespeare play favourite. The picture I’ve done is a parallel play within the play to one more real’er life one, and shows the King of the Fairies, OBERON – on far right enjoying his spell’s truly jovial mixing-ups which PUCK his court Jester (on far left prone in the grass) been given full rein to stimulate chaos – is very cross with his very beautiful Fairy queen TITANIA for not letting him have an Indian boy as a knight in his entourage (as she wants him for herself), and had made  a magic flower potion (we’d use mushrooms?).  

What Shakespeare’s audience’s through 400 years have loved was the genius idea of making a ‘Mechanic’ called BOTTOM (probably a v common builder) being turned into a donkey, and making TITANIA his lovely wife fall in love with this monstrous beast! And that’s where we are in the LIGHTBOX. Hugely funny reversals! And all this parallels what is happening to the (as it were) real-life characters one of whom has by magic been made to love his mate’s (another (Wensleydale) prince of Thebes) ‘s husband. Not quite a husband swop and all v temporarily… so A M S N’s Dream is a play with fairies in it and real hero and heroines (from ancient Greece). 

It was complex enough without a Lysander and Hermia, Demetrius and Helena (not sure if right partner’s names!) and the king of Thebes asking for a comic play with Fairies, Mechanics etc in it. 

The Woodcuts & Linocuts of Laura Boswell

The Old School Muker is extremely happy to be able to show the fabulous woodcuts and linocuts of printmaker Laura Boswell.

Water Meadow Morning | Laura Boswell

These Japanese inspired landscapes offer a unique view of the British and Yorkshire countryside; a different perspective, seen and interpreted by Laura on her travels around the country. We absolutely love their subtlety, composition, simplicity and sense of calm and tranquility, and their originally adds to and complements the work we have on show at the gallery.

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Addlebrough from Whitfield Scar, Piers Browne

New work by celebrated Wensleydale artist PiersBrowne at The Old School Muker. Addlebrough from Whitfield Scar. Wonderfully framed in gold to match the rich colours of the etching.

We have a lovely range of selected etchings and oils by Piers at our gallery in Swaledale. If you’re interest in finding out more why not visit us at the gallery, or contact us at or 01748 886155.

Piers Browne, Swaledale Preview

Though we’ve had to postpone our Piers Browne exhibition until 2021, we’re delighted to be able to preview a small collection of new and classic Piers Browne oil paintings that will be part of the show.

As Piers’s usual focus is Wensleydale the new oils of Swaledale are unique, and a must for lovers of Piers’s work and of our wonderful dale, so if you’re interested in discovering more about the work and the exhibition please feel free to contact us at the gallery.

The Gallery Slideshow

The Old School Muker presents four and a half minutes of work from our fabulous artists, whose work represents the stunning landscapes that surround our gallery in wonderful Upper Swaledale.

The slideshow represents just a small selection of the work showcased in our gallery. For more information or to see more work by an artist please contact us at

Paul Talbot-Greaves in Swaledale

We have great pleasure welcoming the wonderful watercolours of Yorkshire artist Paul Talbot-Greaves into The Old School Muker gallery. Please watch the slideshow (expand for full screen) and scroll down to see more details of the work.

Paul has painted a series of watercolours inspired by Upper-Swaledale, from East Stonesdale to Thwaite, from Smithy Holme to Muker, the work perfectly captures the mood and feel of the stunning landscape that surrounds our gallery in Muker.

These original watercolours are exclusive to The Old School Muker and when it’s safe to re-open our doors you’ll be able to view Paul’s work in our gallery. In the meantime if you’re interested in owning one of Paul’s superb paintings as a memento of our beautiful dale, please contact us on 01748 886155 or email to find out more.

In Pauls words:

“My work reflects the rugged scenery of the landscape, either in the context of wild places or in the nature of the Pennine hills, where I live. I draw my inspiration from historical connections using layers of colour, texture, shapes and patterns applied with energy and feeling. My main inspiration is light and the effects created by the contrasts of shadows.”

Old School Vouchers

Just the ticket if you need a gift for someone who loves art, crafts & Swaledale when you can’t make it up the dale, but still want to support small businesses.

Just call us – 01748 886155 – and we can pop it in the postbox

Richard & Polly

New Line & Watercolour by John Harrison

It was lovely to see John and Gaynor yesterday, and even better that John left behind five new superb paintings in his trademark line and watercolour style, each depicting scenes of Upper Swaledale within walking distance of our gallery in Muker … and one of Grassington for lovers of Wharfedale!

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The Old School Art Cafe Garden

Our relaxed, self-service café offers delicious cake and coffee, and with its private, walled garden provides a place to unwind and soak up the views of Kisdon, Buttertubs and the surrounding fells, in the company of sculptures by Michael Kusz and Adrian Wood.

… and it’s a place where we might have the odd gathering or two.

The Old School Muker Gallery

The Art Gallery showcases some of the regions best artists and print makers, with a wonderfully diverse mix of styles and mediums, but all somehow reflecting our stunning surroundings in Upper Swaledale.

Artists and print makers currently represented include: Jill Ray, Rebecca Vincent, Jacquie Denby, Morna Rhys, Hester Cox, Glenys Garnett, Janis Goodman, Rachel McNaughton, John Harrison and Peter Brook, not forgetting the photographs of gallery owner Richard Walls.

The gallery also houses wonderful ceramics, sculptures and glassware, from makers such as Thomas Petit, Lisa Katzenstein, Stef Ottevanger, Robin Fox and Alistair Brookes.