Ivelet Bridge, John Wood

Ever since I took the photograph of Ivelet Bridge, back on a wonderful early summer’s morning in June, I’ve thought how good it would be to have it painted in oil, and a week or so ago I finally collected the work from Artist John Wood.

The painting still needs its final coat of varnish and then will be on show in our gallery in Muker, just 2 miles up the road from the bridge itself.

For any information about the work please don’t hesitate to contact us at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk or on 01748 886155.

Shona Branigan Printing Workshop – The Results!

On Sunday 14th April Shona Branigan was at Muker Village Hall to run her wood printing workshop.

There was much burning, brushing, inking and printing of the wood … and then came the grand reveal …

The results were fantastic, with so many patterns and textures with each wood slice telling its own story.

Shona is back at The Old School Muker on the Sunday 21st April to talk about her own prints and to demonstrate her wood printing technique.

If you want to know more about Shona and the prints we have at The Old School Muker, or are interested in future workshops, please contact us at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk.

Jacquie Denby Landscape Prints

The frames arrived yesterday for our collection of prints by Grassington artist Jacquie Denby. Framed in white, black or graphite – it doesn’t really matter – they just look stunning.

Jacquie Denby | The Old School Muker

Jacquie is a wonderful artist with a unique vision and distinct style; a true original whose work deserves national if not international acclaim …

Jacquie Denby | The Old School Muker

… And if art is about how a work makes you feel, as much as what your eyes see, it’s of the highest order.

Jacquie Denby | The Old School Muker
Jacquie Denby | The Old School Muker

For now we’re only one of two galleries in the UK showing Jacquie’s prints (alongside her originals) with 11 different landscapes to choose from. For more details please contact us at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk.

New work from Adrian Wood

Following the departure of Adrian’s bench and Swallows to Grassington, we’ve a new place to sit …

And a new place to put your wine glass …

Not all of Adrian’s work is on our website, which makes a great excuse to visit us in magical Upper Swaledale! … But … if you can’t make it, please feel free to email us at ask@theoldschoolmuker and we can send you details of his other pieces.

Fused Glass Workshop, With Judith Gill

On Saturday 25th May join Judith Gill at The Old School Muker for a fun creative afternoon of Fused Glass. Judith’s workshop will focus on the wildflowers found in the Muker Meadows, you’ll be crafting a floral wall hanging/sun catcher lead by expert tuition.

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday 25th May
  • Time: 1-4pm
  • Location: The Old School Muker
  • Price: £55

For more information please contact Pauline at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk or on 01748 886155

Spring New Arrivals From Alistair Brookes

It’s Spring in Swaledale, and at The Old School Muker there’s some new arrivals, courtesy of Alistair Brookes.

Swaledale Sheep Raku Sculpture, Alistair Brookes, The Old School Muker
Swaledale Sheep Raku Sculpture, Alistair Brookes, The Old School Muker

We don’t show all the work on our website, but we do ship, so if you’re interested in Alistair’s Raku sculptures, but can’t find an excuse to visit Muker, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk.

The Old School Muker welcomes, the watercolours of Rachel McNaughton

New for 2019 The Old School Muker is pleased to showcase the work of Rachel McNaughton. 

In Rachel’s words … “Painting is a way into an inner world, a secret garden of colour and shape, and what stared as a hobby become an essential part of life. I work from life, or from my own photographs but both are merely a starting point and many paintings are created from a combination of various images. Watercolour presents the artist with many unexpected “ accidents” and often shapes that appear in initial washes become suggested flowers and so a painting often chooses its own path to completion.”

A regular visitor to Upper Swaledale, Rachel’s vibrant watercolours capture the brighter, more colourful side of Dale, when the sun shines and the meadows are in bloom.  

To learn more about Rachel’s work please contact The Old School Muker at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk.

The Old School Muker welcomes Janis Goodman

The Old School Muker is extremely pleased to showcase the work of Leeds artist and print maker Janis Goodman.

Janis’ etchings of the Dales and Yorkshire landscapes, cityscapes, flaura and fauna are, put simply, superb examples of the print makers art, capturing the scene with wonderful compositions and perspectives, and in superb detail …

… and it would be remiss not to mention Andrew and Mary Green, friends of Janis who reminded us of her work. We’re eternally grateful.

If you’re interested in Janis’s work please don’t hesitate to contact us at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk.

From Tree to Print, The Muker Ash

In June 2018 the huge limb of an old Ash tree, close by Lover’s Lane, fell in the wind

Much of the wood was cleared immediately and moved from the meadows to allow the hay to recover, but a stack of log rounds remained.

Fast forward to the start of this year when we first discussed a workshop with Shona and my thoughts went back to that old tree. The idea of a print made from the Muker Ash seemed perfect and so, a few weeks ago, and with the permission of William, I headed back to Lovers Lane with a wheelbarrow to retrieve a couple of rounds. Last week, having finally got the chain saw working, I sliced and sanded them in preparation for printing.

On Thursday as she dropped of her work for her Featured Artist spot, Shona collected the Ash, and just five days later sent through a photo of the first print!

The Muker Ash


If you’d like to know more about Shona’s work please contact us at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk and remember that Shona will be in Muker on both the 14th and 21st April.

The Old School Muker welcomes the work of Jacquie Denby

The Old School Muker is pleased to showcase the work of renowned Grassington artist Jacquie Denby.

Born in the Dales village of Buckden, Jacquie grew up in the Yorkshire Dales, studying at the Harrogate School of Art and at Jacob Kramer College in Leeds. Jacquie now lives and paints in Grassington, capturing the landscapes in which she lives in her unique , semi-abstract style.

Jacquie’s paintings are inspired by the work of the St. Ives artists and the Scottish Colourists.  Starting with a a theme or subject in mind they develop as she paints, until, in Jacquie’s words, “The subject matter is very much of secondary importance: The main thing is the work, what it looks like., was it worth doing? Hopefully, yes!”

We have a range of Jacquie’s originals and prints at The Old School Muker. If you’re interested and inspired by Jacquie’s work, please contact us at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk.

Featured Artist, Shona Branigan

April kicks off our Featured Artist series with the relief wood prints of Shona Branigan.

Shona prints directly from the wood, producing wonderful works of art that reveal the nature, texture and history of the tree from which they are produced.

Shona’s workshop on April 14th is now sold out, but she will be at the Old School on Sunday 21st April to share her love of trees and nature, and to demonstrate relief printing techniques.

Print Making At The Old School Muker

Over the course of 2019 The Old School Muker will focus on the rich and fascinating subject of print making, showcasing the work of some of the best print makers from The North of England and the UK.

Work will be on permanent display throughout the year and each month, from April to October, we will feature a specific artist allowing a wider range of work to be exhibited and a deeper appreciation and understanding of the particular techniques they use. 

Though styles, subject matter and techniques may differ, all our print makers share one thing in common; a love for the rugged landscape, flora and fauna that’s synonymous with our surroundings, and that makes Muker, and Upper Swaledale, such a magical place. We hope you’ll like their work as much as we do. 

Print Makers currently featured at the Old School Muker include: Piers Browne, Hester Cox, Carol Nunan, Rebecca Vincent, Morna Rhys, Janis Goodman, Anne Mason, Denise Burdon, Laura Boswell, Shona Brannigan and Sarah De Feu.

For more information please contact us at ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk.

Old School Ceramics

Brought together under one roof, a wonderful collection of ceramics and glassware from some of the North of England’s and UK’s best makers, including: Thomas Petit, Mary Johnson, George Ormorod, Charlotte Morrison, Gwen Bainbridge, Mary Chapplehow, Andrea Cundell, Jenny Hall and Shelly Lee. Discover it for yourself at The Old School Muker.

The Old School Welcomes, Shona Branigan

The Old School Muker is very pleased to welcome the work of Northumberland artist Shona Branigan. Shona creates prints directly from the wood, burning to raise the grain, brushing, sealing, inking and printing, to reveal the texture and detail in all its beauty.

Shona will be our featured artist in April 2019, and will be running a workshop in Muker on Sunday 14th April. See https://theoldschoolmuker.co.uk/2019/02/05/wood-printing-workshop-with-shona-branigan/ for more details.

The Old School Welcomes, Sarah Du Feu

The Old School Muker is really pleased to welcome the work of Yorkshire printmaker Sarah Du Feu to our gallery in Swaledale. Sarah creates original monoprints of The Dales and the coast, and wonderful still life’s that evoke city and landscapes.

As well has having Sarah’s work on permanent display, in August Sarah will be our featured artist in our Hartlake gallery.

Wood Printing Workshop with Shona Branigan

Sunday 14thApril, 11am – 3pm 

If you love wood and enjoy (or want to learn) how to produce wonderful prints direct from the wood, this workshop will be for you. Shona will take you through the process of making the print, from burning the wood, through brushing, sealing and inking, then producing the print itself.  Every small detail of the wood being re-produced creating a beautiful piece of artwork which you can take away with you. If you’d like to bring your own, favourite, piece of wood to print then it should be a slice of wood, 44x44cm or smaller, that you can carry and will sit on a table-top. Due to the hands-on nature of teaching places are limited so be sure to book early

Location: Muker Village Hall
Places: 5
Price £50 
Booking: email ask@theoldschoolmuker.co.uk

Recently featured on Countryfile, Shona is our featured print maker during April. Her wood prints are made from printing directly from the wood, burning it to raise the grain so everything you see in the print is the nature of the wood itself revealed in all its mystery and complexity.

The Old School Welcomes Sue Mulcock

The Old School is pleased as punch to showcase the wonderful, rich, textured landscapes of felt artist Sue Mulcock. 

Sue’s work is a very welcome addition to our growing mix of styles and media, representing the world that surrounds our gallery in the heart of Swaledale, and another wonderful reason to visit us and say hello. S

Sue’s artists statement follows. 

Artist Statement 

Whilst studying for my degree in Bradford, I spent many days, and in subsequent years- many weeks, wandering around the Dales studying the structure of the landscape and its underlying geology and history, then drawing and attempting to paint what I saw. Steeped in the use of wool, Bradford was the ideal place to learn to spin and dye and I became fas-cinated by all aspects of working with wool. 

When I discovered felt-making, this proved to be the ideal medium for me to interpret my ideas attempting to show the depth, colour and texture of the landscape and the play of light at different times and in different seasons. 

I enjoy the process of laying out individual coloured tufts of wool in a similar way to painting with separate brushstrokes. I use a wet-felting technique with mainly hand-dyed merino wool into which I lay a variety of natural fibres and fabrics which, combined with the wool, produce a variety of rich colours and textures. Having been felted, the piece ac-quires a different nature, the inlaid materials combining with the wool to produce some-times unexpected textures and effects, adding shine or relief to the matt wool. I then ma-chine and hand embroider to develop the features that have emerged during the felting process.