New Visitors, introduced by Alistair Brookes

We have 4 new visitors to The Old School, a Shepherd, a miner and two guys on a settle watching the match, with a well deserved pint, after the day’s work is done, all imbued with that care and life that only Alistair can.

We don’t put all the work we have on our website, so if you’re interested in Alistair’s work why not pay a visit to the gallery in stunning Upper Swaledale, or don’t hesitate to contact us at or 01748 886155.

Spring New Arrivals From Alistair Brookes

It’s Spring in Swaledale, and at The Old School Muker there’s some new arrivals, courtesy of Alistair Brookes.

Swaledale Sheep Raku Sculpture, Alistair Brookes, The Old School Muker
Swaledale Sheep Raku Sculpture, Alistair Brookes, The Old School Muker

We don’t show all the work on our website, but we do ship, so if you’re interested in Alistair’s Raku sculptures, but can’t find an excuse to visit Muker, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Alistair Brookes Raku Sculptures

For 2018 The Old School is extremely chuffed to welcome the work of Alistair Brookes into our deminutive gallery in upper Swaledale. Each piece is hand made, so individual and original. Each is a stunning work of art. Alistair’s passion for both his craft and his subjects, and the care he puts into each sculpture, become embedded into the clay as he works, and just oozes out of each finished piece.

Shepherds | Alistair Brookes

In Alistair’s words …

“Clay artefacts are embedded in all our cultures and continue to endure the ravages of time. Contributing in some small way I try to depict life and time in the Dales. Raku pottery is my preferred method of working as it seems to breath some kind of life into the clay, it is serendipty but then that’s half the fun of it.”

Men on a Girder | Alistair Brookes

Men on a Girder (admiring a Peter Brook) | Alistair Brookes

Lead miner, Heading to the Mine | Alistair Brookes

Mining Incident | Alistair Brookes

Farming and lead mining are synonymous with upper Swaledale, so it feels like Alistair’s work belongs in our gallery in Muker. New York sky scrapers we don’t have, but we can admire from afar:)

Richard & Polly