Clearing Skies, Muker – Jill Ray

The Old School Muker is proud to present Clearing Skies, Muker, a thoroughly modern take on a timeless view of our wonderful village, by Jill Ray, one of our most popular artists.

Over the years many artists have painted this iconic view of Muker from above Occupation Lane looking down over the bridge and into the village, with Kisdon as the backdrop. Jill’s version is created digitally, layering shape upon shape to create different hues and shades, all coming together to form the image.

Clearing Skies, Muker is exclusive to our gallery, so if you’re interested in owning your own copy please contact us at

Jill Ray’s Bright Woods Autumn Writ Large

Sometimes you just unwrap a painting and have to stand back and admire!  I’d seen the standard size, and it’s wonderful, but writ large, well, it just adds another dimension …

Bright Woods, Light of Autumn | Jill Ray

Bright Woods, Light of Autumn Detail | Jill Ray

… and up close you can see the individual shapes, colours, shades and layers and the care and attention to detail that makes Jill’s work shine out.

We now have the full Bright Woods collection on display in our Art Cafe, but hurry because I doubt it will be there for long.

Bright Woods, Light of Summer | Jill Ray

Bright Woods, Light of Winter | Jill Ray

Bright Woods, Light of Spring | Jill Ray


Yorkshire Coast & Sea, Jill Ray

Jill’s stand was the first we encountered as we walked through the entrance to our very first Harrogate trade show as new gallery owners, almost 1 year ago today. What an introduction; I was gobsmacked! Jill’s work was just what was needed as we strived to bring different styles and a modern look to our gallery in Muker.

Walk on the Coast; Winter | Jill Ray

We weren’t the only ones to be gobsmacked! Over the past year Jill’s work has been wowing our customers, whose hardest choice is often which one to pick!

G155 Clearing Skies low res - Jill Ray
Clearing Skies, Robin Hood’s Bay | Jill Ray

Though Jill’s moorland scenes are the obvious choice for our land locked gallery in upper Swaledale, we’re really pleased that Yorkshire’s Coast & Sea allows us to extend our reach and showcase Jill’s stunning coastal work, including superb new work created for the exhibition.

Richard & Polly 





Bright Woods Spring & Autumn

New for 2018, Light of Spring & Light of Autumn, from Jill Ray’s Bright Woods collection. Wonderful digital art that captures the atmosphere of the woods in a way I’ve singularly failed to do as a photographer. You’ll find them hanging in our revamped cafe / gallery, alongside Jill’s On The Moor series, and will find more of Jill’s work in our main Gallery.

Jill’s fabulous coastal work will form part of our Yorkshire’s Coast & Sea Exhibition, running through April and early May 2018.

Light of Spring, Jill Ray

Light of Autumn, Jill Ray