Sue Nichol, New Arrivals

Sue Nichol has been one of our most popular artists over the last few years, so it’s always a pleasure when we receive a fresh batch of original oils from Sue, and I’m sure fans of Sue’s will be just as smitten as we are.

If you’re interested in Sue’s work please don’t hesitate to call us on 01748 886155 or email at

Malham Rain, Sue Nichol

In December 2015 Malham Cove waterfall flowed for the first time in Living Memory, briefly creating the longest single drop waterfall in the UK.

Malham Cove Rain, Sue Nichol | The Old School Muker

Sue Nichol’s atmospheric oil painting captures this moment perfectly, with the water spilling over into the cove, framed by the trees at it’s foot, and overlooked by dark clouds full of rain.

Malham Cove Rain detail, Sue Nichol | The Old School Muker

Malham Cove Rain detail, Sue Nichol | The Old School Muker

I can’t imagine it being at in the Old School Gallery, so if you liked to see this wonderful painting visit soon!

Ivelet Bridge Winter, Sue Nichol

Back in the winter, soon after Christmas, I donned my new wellies and took a photo of Ivelet Bridge from the middle of the Swale. As soon I’d taken it I knew it was a scene that would benefit from Sue’s unique interpretation, and was delighted when she agreed.

Ivelet Bridge Detail | Sue Nichol

Ivelet Bridge Detail | Sue Nichol

The result is now hanging in our gallery, one mile up the road from the the bridge, and we simply love it.


Yorkshire Coast & Sea – Sue Nichol

The first time I met Sue, collecting paintings for the Old School Gallery from her studio, I fell hook, line and sinker for a painting hung high on her wall; The Great Wave (feature image above), inspired by Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa, but absolutely a Sue Nichol, full of energy, power and life.

Painted in the moment, in my minds eye I could visualise the paint splashing around from Sue’s brush, mimicking the sea spray as the wave breaks. As I left, I knew I had to devise a cunning plan to somehow bring the Great Wave to landlocked upper Swaledale, and hence on that day the idea for an exhibition was born. Imagine my great delight when Sue emailed this week to say The Great Wave would be part of our Yorkshire’s Coast & Sea Exhibition.

Bempton Cliffs | Sue Nichol

Sue’s great inspiration is “the edges of land”, especially our North East Coast where she was born and visits whenever she can. Her passion and feeling for the coast, and sheer joy of painting, shines through in her art, and it’s an ongoing pleasure to showcase Sue’s work at the Old School.

Richard & Polly 

Malham Cove Winter, Sue Nichol


If ever a painting captures the scale, majesty and atmosphere of Malham Cove on a winter’s day, surely Sue Nichol’s original oil is it.

Title: Malham Cove Winter

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 90cm x 90xm

Price: £795

About Sue

Sue Nichol’s paintings are of places she knows very well and visits over and over again, both literally and imaginatively. Sue is attracted to the ‘edges of the land’ including our fabulous and varied coastline as well as the rocky edges to be found throughout the British landscape. Her love of the sea stems from Sue’s childhood. Sue was born in Hartlepool on the North East coast and visited the little fishing village of Staithes often, as she still does today. Sue finds constant inspiration in the sea in all its moods and it is a subject to which she is invariably drawn, striving always to capture its movement and strength, which Sue finds both fascinating and frightening. The wild hills and moors of North Yorkshire and Derbyshire provide a different challenge and Sue loves to paint them as they are exposed to the extremes and intensity of light. Sue tries to capture a particular atmosphere created, sometimes fleetingly, by swiftly changing weather conditions and is fascinated by nature’s ability to present a landscape in so many different tempers.