Peter Brook 1927 – 2009

Peter Brook was born in the winter of 1927 in the Pennine village of Scholes near the ‘summer wine’ county of Holmfirth. His parents were farmers initially and Peter grew up among milk carts, helping with the haymaking and drinking ginger beer made by his grandmother. Both winter and the Pennines would continue to play a large part in this Yorkshire painter’s life. Peter’s paintings show the beauty and vastness of the Yorkshire landscape and of the destruction of the Pennine life that once was. They show Peter and his faithful dog walking over the land, through woods or towns in search of new scenes or a cup of tea and perhaps being watched by the sheep. Sometimes we see Peter standing back and looking at the picture that the viewer is also observing, so we get a chance to see what Peter sees. For Peter the title is very much an important part of the painting, adding poetry and humour to the paintings whilst also making the observer think, as the title may not always be obvious when first looking at the painting

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