The Old School Welcomes Hester Cox

The Old School is extremely pleased to welcome in the work of Horton-in-Ribblesdale artist and print maker Hester Cox.

Silent Night, Hester Cox

Hester’s work is inspired by and reflects the natural rhythms of the natural world that  that surrounds her home in the Yorkshire Dales and that she passes whilst out on the tops, fell running.

Where the Curlew Cries, Hester Cox
Flying Home to Roost, Hester Cox

Hester’s collagraphs are a wonderful addition to our growing portfolio of print makers at the Old School and I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

More about Hester below.

Richard & Polly

Artist Statement

“My printmaking is informed by my surroundings and wherever I am I seek out evidence of the natural world that is particular to that environment. I have lived in rural places most of my working life and I am fascinated by the rhythms and cycles that occur within nature. Whilst an idea may be sparked by the written word, it is invariably my physical experience of a place that inspires new work.

As a fell runner, my excursions often take me to wilder less visited locations in all weathers. The physicality of running combined with the solitude and necessary awareness of my environment creates a connection with the landscape that lasts long after I have returned to the studio. Revisiting the same areas provides me with the opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of the more elusive wildlife that inhabits them. It is these chance encounters that I find most exciting and that will often be translated into print. I carry a camera to record details and sketch and write notes to distil my ideas.”

Piers Browne Illustrated, 1 Sept – 30 Sept

Piers will be at the Old School on Saturday and Sunday, from 1:30pm to 3pm, for the final weekend of his exhibition.DSC05969

Piers Browne Illustrated is the first (and perhaps last) exhibition that brings together a specially curated collection of etchings from all of Piers books into a single show. As part of the exhibition Piers will be at The Old School Muker on the afternoon of Sunday 2ndSeptember to discuss his work and inspiration.


Each print is lovingly created by hand, inked by hand, rolled through the press by hand and signed to say genuine.  With each indivually printed by Piers himself, each is a unique work of art.


Piers Browne trained at London’s Royal Academy Schools in the early 1970’s before settling in Wensleydale in 1975 to become a professional artists and printmaker.  He has exhibited at the annual Royal Academy Summer Show multiple times and held one man shows from “Malibu to Munster, via Manchester and Reykjavik”. Piers has published eight books illustrated by his etchings and oils, including Glorious Trees of Great Britain, with a foreword by HRH, Prince Charles, the culmination of over 15 years work containing 167 full-colour etchings.


Piers continues to be inspired by, and concerned for, the natural world. In his own words:  “Overwhelmingly the desire to capture the beauty of Nature continues to drive me on. I am still a depicter of the rural scene, a sort of conservator of the beauty of light and form. I have compensated for my indulgence by donating money and books to conservation groups, but need to do more as this world crumbles away in heat and flood from ‘our’ indulgence in polluting it“.




The Old School Welcomes Carol Nunan

The Old School is proud to welcome the wonderful printmaking of Carol Nunan.  Carol’s work is rooted in the landscape. Her inspiration comes from cultivated and wild flowers, iconic castles, landmarks and archeological history.


Carol works primarily with monotypes and collagraphs. Printed by hand each print is unique. Her fascination lies in experimenting with printmaking media and alternative colour palettes to reflect the changing landscape. Her use of colour and quest to constantly reinvent her practice owes much to the diverse cultural influences of her African and Irish upbringing.

With an aim to bring more printmaking into the Old School Gallery Carol’s work was an immediate and obvious candidate, reflective as it is of the landscape and wildlife that surrounds our gallery and much of the North of England. Seeing it for real at this year’s Printfest, and meeting Carol and Chris, simply confirmed our suspicions, and it’s wonderful to now have the work on display.




Rebecca Vincent Etchings, A Print Makers Art.

A few months ago we introduced Rebecca’s prints into the gallery and the reaction from our customers has been wonderful. Now we have three original etchings on display: Silver Birch Autumn Gold (above and detail below), to me reminiscent of Gustav Klimt, Country Reflections and Safely Gathered in.

Silver Birch Autumn Gold Detail | Rebecca Vincent
Country Reflections, Silver Birch Autumn Gold, Safely Gathered In| Rebecca Vincent

Not only are Rebecca’s etchings wonderfully vibrant depictions of the countryside, they’re also superb examples of a print making at its very best, and we’re extremely proud to be able to showcase them at the Old School.

The Old School Welcomes Rebecca Vincent

The Old School Muker is pleased to welcome the work of printmaker Rebecca Vincent into the Gallery.


In our quest to add printmakers to our portfolio we’ve visited many exhibitions and events, and Rebecca’s work has really stood out. We love its vibrancy, patterns and textures, and the work adds colour and originality to our gallery. DSC05314-3DSC05314-4

In the short time we’ve shown Rebecca’s giclee prints they’ve already proved to be extremely popular, and we plan to showcase limited edition prints of her etchings in the very near future. Watch this space!


Yorkshire Coast & Sea, Denise Burden

We’re really pleased to announce a late entry to our Yorkshire Coast & Sea exhibition, in the form of the hand-printed linocuts and collages of Denise Burden.


Denise originally hales from Bradford where she studied art before gaining a First Class (Hons) Degree from the Norwich School of Art. Luckily for us Denise now lives in the neighbouring dale of Wensleydale, taking inspiration from the stunning landscape around her.


Whether in colour, or simple black and white, Denise’s hand-printed linocuts are wonderful, timeless examples of this form of printmaking, to me reminiscent of the advertising posters of the 1920’s and 1930’s, the golden age of railway and airline travel.

As a local artist we plan to showcase Denise’s landscapes in our gallery. More on this soon …





The Old School welcomes Piers Browne

The Old School is delighted and thrilled to showcase the work of celebrated painter, printmaker, author and composer, Piers Browne, who lives and works just “over the top” from our gallery, in a farmhouse commanding the most beautiful views of his beloved Wensleydale. Piers’s work will feature in our main gallery and in our Yorkshire’s Coast & Sea Exhibition in April & May, and signed copies of his epic book, THE GLORIOUS TREES OF GREAT BRITAIN, containing 167 etchings made over a period of 20 years, will be available to purchase.


Unlike many art prints, all of Pier’s etchings are genuine prints, run through the press in his workshop. Each one is lovingly created by hand, inked by hand, printed by hand and signed to say genuine. Made by hand, no two prints are exactly the same; each is therefore an individual, original, work of art.



Currently on display in the GalleryDSC04576Title: May Plum Blossom: Towards upper Wensleydale with Swallows

Medium: Etching

Size: H63xW71cm Framed

Price: £695

DSC04581Title: Winter Sun: Hardraw Force, Wensleydale

Medium: Etching

Size: H97xW76cm Framed

Price: £695

DSC04577Title: Wensleydale in Springtime, the Kiss

Medium: Etching

Size: H47xW40cm Framed

Price: £265

DSC04578Title: Ash Grove

Medium: Etching

Size: H35xW33cm Framed

Price: £195

We have more framed etchings in stock and prints in our browsers. Please ask.

In Piers’s own words …

PIERS BROWNE has had 100 exactly One-man’s worldwide, from Malibu to Munster in Westphalia, and knows nothing really works in a picture unless the love, the initial inspiration, is passionate right until the last brushmark or final line drawn on the etching plate(s).

He has made Wensleydale his adored valley and over 40 years has ventured ‘over the top’, indeed when first painting here in1972, it was the Farmer’s Arms he loved to visit of a summer evening.

He was made Painter of North England in the prestigious ING Discerning Eye show in London, 2011, and ‘PAINTER OF THE NORTH’ in the 2012 Great North Art Show, and regularly shows at the RA Summer Exhibition. But turned more to book writing and illustrating when from 1980 to 2000 he made 167 etchings for a book he co-wrote called THE GLORIOUS TREES OF GREAT BRITAIN – a book of only 400 of 4000 copies left which these gallery owners like so much Piers is making this gallery his main TREES book outlet!

His aim is bring fresh air and exciting compositions into anyone’s sitting room on any dank, dark, dank British day with his novella (33,000 words 29 images): “LA ROUTE DES VIOLETTES’ set in south-east Provence which is also here. This is being reprinted for a huge edition as some french people say it will sell in thousands over there! certainly it’s been translated into french. The edition here was a first effort and self published in 500 copies – now 250 as PB not happy with the printing or quality of picture which, on suoper papoer, became darker.

Piers will always etch and paint: there is so much beauty about – as at Saltburn or Sandsend…and has released a rare oil of radshanks for this gallery’s opening.


1974 & 1975 David Murray Landscape Prize, London

1975 Certificate of Painting after 3 years’s at the Royal Academy Schools

1986 Rank Xerox Printmaking Prize 1986 London

1987 John Player Portrait Award 2nd Prize National Portrait Gallery

1987 Norsk Hydro Painting Award, Darlington

Late 1990’s: supplied 100 etchings for P&O”Aurora’s State Rooms

1991 WHSmith Illustrated Book of the Year/joint First prize with Wordsworth book

2009 Artichoke Printmaking Award, London

2011 Made ‘Painter of the North’ in the London DISCERNING EYE show

2012 Winner of The Great North Art Show, Ripon Cathedral

2012-17 Five One-mans and 2017, as ever a picture in the NEAC, central London, then writing and illustrating his first novella set in Provence “A ROUTE DES VIOLETTES” .


Melvyn Bragg: “I am full of admiration for Piers’ lovely work.”

HRH Prince Charles, who wrote the foreword to the Trees book: “Trees also have a unique capacity to lift our spirits, and it is entirely this intangible dimension that Piers Browne evokes so splendidly.”

Giles Auty (Art Critic in UK 1965 – 80): “Piers is a true Romantic dedicated simply to his Art.”

Justine Brooks: “What energy the man has – a good painter-etcher”

Diana Armfield RA & her husband Bernard Dunstan RA: “We both admire the wonderful intensity of Piers’ vision, and, in some of his Oils, the handling with its rythmn of paint marks

makes for a strange beauty all of their own. His etchings are superb”.



A Shropshire Lad 1988 25 handmade books Kingsley Amis foreword publ Ashford Buchan & Enright.SOLD OUT.

An Elegy in Arcady 1990 20 boxed sets SOLD OUT.

William Wordsworth: A Lakeland Anthology 1991John Mortimer foreword. Publ John Murray.SOLD OUT.

Wensleydale: Etchings & Verse 1994 David Astor foreword. Publ Ashford Press SOLD OUT.

Glorious Trees of Gt Britain 2002 HRH Pr Charles foreword. Publ John Murray. 400 remaining of 4000

Sonnets for a Siren 2008 20 handmade books + real silver jackets. 27 sonnets by PB. To be published

Love in the Aegean 2011 Soft back, fully illustrated from paintings by PB with 24 of his shorter poems.

La Route des Violettes Hard back ed 500, illustrated from 29 etchings by PB – a novella of 100 pages