The Art of Adrian Wood, Artist Blacksmith

The work of Artist Blacksmith Adrian Wood is forged from a mix of metal, music, nature and emotion, with the shapes evolving as the music plays and the hammer falls …

Spring Days | Adrian Wood
Spring Days Detail | Adrian Wood

The end products are unique sculptures, sometimes abstract, sometimes expressionistic,   full of movement, feeling and balance, and embedded with a deeper meaning …

Three of Us | Adrian Wood

Now, as the swallows have returned to Swaledale, we have the opportunity to show some of Adrian’s larger sculptural work in The Old School Garden, along with the smaller work already in our gallery.

Detail from Spring Days | Adrian Wood
Adrian Wood, Artist Blacksmith

Love Nest, a new sculpture by Michael Kusz

Reeth based artist Michael Kusz has been synonymous with the Old School for many years; his bats hang from the rafters; Doug! and the Rook Climber watch the sparrows, chaffinches and siskins, as they squabble over sunflower seeds; his witch rotates around its cauldron, driven by the four winds; his dragons guard our lawn, and Rambo the sheep sits proudly on The Old School roof, gazing out over the hills …

Doug! | Michael Kusz | The Old School Muker
Witches Cauldron | Michael Kusz | The Old School Muker



Rambo on the Roof | Michael Kusz | The Old School Muker



Mum & Dad | Michael Kusz | The Old School Muker



Now we have two love birds perched on their Love Nest atop a tall chimney pot, newly installed by Michael yesterday …

Love Nest | Michael Kusz | The Old School Muker
What does Doug! think? | Michael Kusz | The Old School Muker

… and they’re already grabbing attention!!

Each of Michaels sculptures makes a unique centrepiece to any garden, no matter its size or shape, and be admired by everyone who visits, just as they are at The Old School.





Adrian Wood, Artist Blacksmith, Exhibition Sketches

Back in 2017 we were pleased to discover the work of Adrian Wood and introduce it into the gallery … and visiting Adrian’s forge we got to see some of his larger sculptural work, altogether on a different scale.


Wind on to 2018 and this summer we’re looking forward to hosting some of Adrian’s larger sculptures in the Old School Garden.20180418_123635-1

If Adrian’s sketches are anything to go by, with themes of swifts and wild flowers synonymous with Swaledale summers, our garden will be home to some stunning and unique artwork, that perfectly reflects our surroundings in Muker.

Watch this space for updates!


Alistair Brookes Raku Sculptures

For 2018 The Old School is extremely chuffed to welcome the work of Alistair Brookes into our deminutive gallery in upper Swaledale. Each piece is hand made, so individual and original. Each is a stunning work of art. Alistair’s passion for both his craft and his subjects, and the care he puts into each sculpture, become embedded into the clay as he works, and just oozes out of each finished piece.

Shepherds | Alistair Brookes

In Alistair’s words …

“Clay artefacts are embedded in all our cultures and continue to endure the ravages of time. Contributing in some small way I try to depict life and time in the Dales. Raku pottery is my preferred method of working as it seems to breath some kind of life into the clay, it is serendipty but then that’s half the fun of it.”

Men on a Girder | Alistair Brookes
Men on a Girder (admiring a Peter Brook) | Alistair Brookes
Lead miner, Heading to the Mine | Alistair Brookes
Mining Incident | Alistair Brookes

Farming and lead mining are synonymous with upper Swaledale, so it feels like Alistair’s work belongs in our gallery in Muker. New York sky scrapers we don’t have, but we can admire from afar:)

Richard & Polly